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Frags is where every mobile FPS content creator wants to be, Tribe Gaming’s newest brand takes lifestyle content and mixes it with popular mobile games like Call of Duty: Mobile, Apex Legends, and PUBG:M—serving the mobile gaming FPS scene with high quality and entertaining content that has never been seen before. 

Whilst keeping the core value of Tribe Gaming’s brand in mind, we intentionally wanted to give Frags a more lifestyle feel, targeting a similar but also different audience demographic that is traditionally more lifestyle orientated. 

We knew when we were developing Frags’ core brand, that it will have to serve on multiple fronts and be recognizable in many different use cases.  
From social media content to 3D renderings of the main logo, apparel prints, or secondary stamps, everything  tells the same cohesive story.
Executive Producer Jonathan Sakoucky
Creative Director Elcio Colle
Content Producers Casey Gilblom, Kelsey Gillham, M Uday Islam, Eric Ingersoll
Social Media Manager Cody Gray
3D Motion Adelmo Queiroz
2D Motion Design & Video Editing Bruno Takita, Adelmo Queiroz, Haruyoshi Hara
3D Modeling Swarnava Manna
Art Direction & Graphic Design Elcio Colle, Vitor Freitas, Roger Guardia, Swarnava Manna
Logo & Key Visual

In homage to Tribe Gaming’s logo, the crossed axes, we felt it was important to continue the notion of raising our passion together, whilst appealing to a more lifestyle audience. 
We decided to swap the axes out for an item commonly being the standard melee equipment in every FPS game.
Sub logos

Touching more on versatility and being able to tell a story, these sub logos will be recognized through a certain font type. Additionally, people will understand that we are communicating Frags as a brand when other weapons cross.

With having some of the biggest mobile FPS content creators aboard, Frags sets the new, premium standard for mobile collaboration. Call of Duty: Mobile, Apex Legends, and lifestyle content are just the stepping stones of what’s to come. The possibilities are endless and with new FPS games on the horizon, we’re just getting started.

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